The Open
Endpoint Manager

Always Free, Always Open

Latest Version: 1.4.8

Theopenem handles all of your Windows management needs.


An Enterprise ready solution that scales to fit any size organization. Capable of managing organizations with less than 100 endpoints or more than 10,000 endpoints, as well as endpoints inside and outside of your network.

Simple Web Interface

Manage all of your endpoints through an easy use, mobile friendly, Web UI.


Leverages technologies such as OAth 2.0, HMAC Authentication, and symmetric and asymmetric keys, for encryption and signing.

Open API

The fully open RESTful API allows integration with 3rd party applications.

Download The Open Endpoint Manager today for free.


Open Source

Theopenem is open source, built with .NET and C#. We believe in the benefits of open source software, including the community, flexibility, and contributions it provides.

Privacy Is Important

We believe your data belongs to you. Theopenem will never phone home to provide any information about your servers or the data on them. .

  • Software Deployment

    Easily deploy software applications

  • Printer Management

    Install and remove network printers

  • Inventory Management

    Schedule complete inventory scans for your endpoints to capture a wide variety of attributes

  • Asset Management

    Custom assets can be defined to keep track of anything

  • Power Management

    Shutdown and wakeup endpoints on defined schedules

  • Windows Update Management

    Deploy specific Updates to endpoints or schedule to install all updates